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As General Hospital resumes, Alexis tries to leave Jerry's, feeling awkward with Leyla prancing around in her robe, but he asks her to stay and says he needs her help.

Trevor tries to throw Detective Harper and Lucky off of Johnny's trail by pinning everything on Anthony. Kate attacks an intruder in her house, knocking him unconscious. She calls Sonny right away.

Leyla tells Alexis she's there because she's still in love with Patrick and Jerry told her she'd feel better if she had sex with him. Kelly and the girls gang up on Patrick, who tries to enjoy a quiet drink with Leo.

Kate is convinced that her assailant is one of Sonny's men but he tells her that he doesn't know him. Kate is later embarrassed to find out that her "intruder" is actually her new interior decorator!

While Lulu tries to talk Johnny out of taking over his father's business, Luke shows up to talk to them both. Lulu freaks out when she sees her father outside of the hospital, especially when he collapses.

Patrick tells Robin that none of the women should talk, since none of them have any first hand experience as a mother. Leo tries to jump in to defend him but the women just turn on him.

Leyla cries and vents to Alexis about life since meeting Patrick, the man that she loves. Tracy is nervous when she finds out from Epiphany that Luke's heart has given out on him again.

Convinced Alexis is all sorts of attracted to him, Jerry grabs her and kisses her. She slaps him, tells him that she'll be billing him and storms out.

Robin and Patrick take a minute alone together. She tells him she cannot take his deal to be together for a year and wait to see if he'll want to have kids. She doesn't believe he ever will want to have kids.

Leo tells Luke that the only reason he's alive is because Lulu and Johnny brought him in to the hospital. Patrick gets a call from Jerry and goes to the hotel to pick up Leyla...

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