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As General Hospital gets underway, the claws come out when Alexis and Diane sit next to each other on their flight to the awards ceremony. Worse, one of them has to put her garment bag in the overhead compartment.

Sonny and Kate miss each other but they won't admit it.

Carly (Laura Wright) becomes suspicious of Jason and Elizabeth after seeing them talking. Mac tells Johnny that once they match the skin Georgie's (Lindze Letherman) fingernails, they'll have their killer.

Carly tells Kelly that she's started buying baby things even though she's not sure if she can get pregnant. Ric has his hands full with Kristina, who throws a temper tantrum when he won't take her to the movies.

Mac tries to talk to Maxie after she trashes Kelly's, but she storms out when Felicia walks in the room. Ric's rescuer arrives, in the form of Skye Quartermaine, who calms Kristina right down.

Sam overhears Elizabeth looking for a babysitter and tells her that Lucky will bring them over to her place. Sam tells Liz that Jason because he's married to the mob - literally.

Carly was just about to get her husband into bed when Sonny storms in with Michael, who's gotten expelled for fighting after a boy who called Sonny a gangster. His parents talk some sense into the kid and he apologizes.

The minute Sonny and Michael leave, Carly and Jax (Ingo Rademacher) go back at it. Unfortunately for Carly, Jax gets a call and must leave to go to work. Ric makes a play for Skye, who falls for his moves.

Felicia finds footprint marks in the police station that match that of Georgie's killer. At the hospital, Coop goes to tie his shoes and we see that the bottom of his shoes match the prints. Sam finds a bracelet of Carly's.

Ric tells Skye that he wants to start something with her and she could be very good for him. When he brings up Alcazar's name, she turns cold.

Alexis and Diane find out that their plane has been delayed and it seems that neither of them will get to the awards ceremony on time...

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