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PART I: At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily (Natalia Livingston) accept congratulations on their engagement. After breaking up their fight, Lucky asks Sam and Elizabeth what provoked the squabble. Johnny reminds Trevor why he can't go home and leave Lulu at the mercy of his murderous father. Leyla tells Patrick (Jason Thompson) that she's glad she accepted his invitation after all because she's having a wonderful time at the ball.

PART II: Nikolas turns down Robin's (Kimberly McCullough) request to father her child. As Luke and Scott butt heads once more, Lulu advises both men to butt out of her and Logan's relationship. Emily defends Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) in front of Lucky, then comes under verbal attack from a snarling Nikolas as the others gape in shock. Later, Nikolas admits to Sam he has no memory of the incident and fears his condition is only getting worse. Ric questions his father after watching Johnny pull a gun on Trevor.

PART III: Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Georgie console a tearful Robin as she confesses how much she misses Patrick. Nikolas apologizes to both Emily and Elizabeth for his earlier behavior. Maxie lashes out at Leyla and breaks her strand of pearls. Georgie urges Coop to give her sister a chance. An angry Ric (Rick Hearst) berates Alexis for dancing with Jerry. Johnny pulls Lulu out of the ballroom. With a powerful storm raging outside, the guests at the gala learn they must remain on Spoon Island all night. Diane warns Jason that Carly is headed for trouble. Kate is relieved to see Sonny arrive at Wyndemere.

General Hospital
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