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General Hospital

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October 31, 2007 (Season 44)

Part One

Jax and Carly are among the first guests to arrive at Wyndemere for the Black and White Ball. A terrified Spinelli again implores Jason to help him fit in at the event so he can keep an eye on Lulu. Later, Spinelli is dazzled when Nadine appears in a beautiful gown and assures him she's looking forward to a lovely evening. Jerry tells Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) he's decided to crash the party to ensure that her psychotic nephew doesn't damage anyone he cares about ever again.

Part Two

Robin arrives solo on Spoon Island and immediately bumps into Patrick and Leyla. Johnny knocks Scott cold and steals his invitation to the gala. Trevor waits impatiently for irrefutable proof that Sonny is dead. Nikolas tearfully admits to Emily (Natalia Livingston) how fearful he is that his time with her is growing short, then blurts out a marriage proposal which she accepts. Trevor's henchmen warn him that Johnny and Anthony are both on the loose. Georgie thanks Coop for escorting her, but encourages him to ask her sister for a dance.

Part Three

Nikolas formally welcomes his guests to his palatial home and announces a generous endowment to the hospital in Alan's name as well his engagement to the love of his life. Lucky and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) recall happier days together and share a dance on the veranda for old time's sake. Luke cuts in on Logan to dance with his beaming daughter. Out of Lucky's earshot, Sam (Kelly Monaco) accuses Elizabeth of playing her estranged husband like a fiddle. Lulu grants Spinelli one spin around the dance floor as Anthony secretly looks on. Elizabeth and Sam move from trading insults to trading punches until Lucky finally breaks up the fight.

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