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As General Hospital returns, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) sits in silence while Sam goes off about the lies she has told.  Lucky tries to get Sam to finish what she was going to say.

Jason jumps in and says it himself: he is Jake's father. 

Carly (Laura Wright) doesn't believe that Sonny is in love with Kate. Emily breaks down emotionally she sits outside a locked room that holds her husband. Anthony debates killing Luke or letting nature takes its course.

Sensing how upset Carly is, Kate decides to give her some time with Sonny to talk things out. He tells her to move like he has. There's a loud crash outside and Nikolas calls for her to see if she's okay.

Johnny tries to keep Leyla out of her sight from his father, as she looks just like his dead mother. Anthony waves a knife over Luke's head.

Lucky (Greg Vaughan) loses it when he realizes that Jason and Elizabeth are telling the truth about Jake's paternity. He punches Jason and Elizabeth tries to apologize to him but he doesn't want to hear it.

Scott sees Logan (Josh Duhon) trying to help Luke and lifts him up. Nikolas freaks out when Emily won't let him out of the room and starts slamming him against the door. Frustrated with Sonny, Carly tries to take off.

Leyla decides to head back to Patrick on her own.

Nikolas grabs a pipe and tries to break himself out of the room as Anthony stands right outside, laughing. Scott heads to look for Tracy's purse, which has Luke's heart medication as Emily tries to help him.

Lucky decides he's heard enough and leaves the barn while Elizabeth blames Sam.

Patrick runs into Anthony as Robin (Kimberly McCullough) hides Leyla to protect her. Anthony sees her and asks her to come out of hiding. His face changes to shock when he gets a good look at her.

Carly does not believe it and says that he will come back to her.

Elizabeth blames herself for hurting Lucky and keeping Jason from his son.  She is upset that Jason told Lucky, while a killer is on the loose.

Sam tells Lucky that she wishes she told him sooner about Jake and he realizes that she has known all along.

Emily returns to Nikolas but he has broken out of the room
. Anthony keeps calling Leyla "Maria."

He wants to make Robin and Patrick (Jason Thompson) pay for keeping her from him. He makes her choose which one lives and which one dies.

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