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A trembling Maxie (Kirsten Storms) tells Lucky about her encounter with Zacchara. Meanwhile, Johnny pulls his father off of Nikolas and urges him to come home but Anthony rushes away again.

Luke tends to Tracy's back Kate panics when Sonny passes out while donating blood to his injured brother. Sam snarls at Jason for making sure Elizabeth was safe before he helped anyone else.

Declaring that he's through living in denial about Laura's condition, Luke tells a beaming Tracy how much she means to him. Lulu inadvertently fuels Spinelli's guilt when she commends him for being such a loyal friend.

Elizabeth asks Nadine not to mention to anyone how she rushed into Jason's arms when he first returned to the stable. Carly cautions Jason that Sam is out for payback. Skye questions Trevor's concern for his son.

Kate attempts to waken Sonny by talking about their shared past but is sad when it's Carly's voice which brings him back to consciousness.

Nadine accidentally blurts out an inconvenient truth to Lulu. Emily begs her fiance not to go after Anthony again, then cowers in fear as Nikolas suffers another sudden outburst of rage.

Luke faces Zacchara and bristles when he threatens to kill Lulu. During yet another shouting match with Elizabeth, Sam threatens to spill the beans to Lucky.

Sonny tells Carly he loves Kate. Johnny warns a startled Leyla that she looks exactly like his late mother. Luke manages to get the best of Anthony in a fistfight but suddenly clutches his chest and collapses.

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