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General Hospital, Part I ... Sedated, Nikolas has a vision of strangling Emily. Jerry tells an anguished Sonny how Zacchara took Kate. Meanwhile, Kate attempts to sweet talk her captor but Anthony refuses. Clinging to Emily's body, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) begs her to open her eyes and speak. Sonny confronts Zacchara as a nervous Kate looks on. Nadine tries to calm Logan (Josh Duhon). Luke and Tracy admit to one another how much they care. Trevor gives Jerry a word to the wise. Later, Jerry warns his brother he could be next on Trevor's hit list if the attorney learns he's seen Anthony.

General Hospital, Part II ... Jason then questions Nikolas about the very last moments of Emily (Natalia Livingston). Sonny convinces Anthony to release Kate but pays the price of a bullet to the shoulder. Spinelli tells Logan and Coop to help him lead an assault on the main house. Trevor instructs his henchmen to locate Sonny and finish him off, then attempts to coax Anthony into leaving the island. Jason begins to suspect that his sister may have died at Nikolas' hand. Anthony gives Trevor the slip and grabs Elizabeth. Logan delivers disturbing news to Tracy and Luke.

General Hospital
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