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Distraught over Emily's death, Nikolas holds a gun to his chest.

Luke's heart starts failing and Tracy calls for help. Robin is nearby and runs in to help. A gunman comes in to a room to see if Sonny is dead. Kate tries to cover for him but Sonny gets a shot off, killing the man.

Lulu finds Johnny giving Carly CPR, as she is unconscious on the floor. Elizabeth throws herself off a ledge Anthony is holding her on and kicks him. Jason jumps down to stop the crazed killer. He points the gun at Anthony, who throws himself over the ledge. 

Carly comes to, gasping for air, and Lulu tells her that Johnny saved her.  While lying on the ground, Anthony asks Trevor for help, but he refuses and walks away, saying it's time for him to die.

Kate tries to take care of Sonny, who has given most of his blood to save his brother only to be shot later by Zacchara. He's in bad shape.

Back in Port Charles, Mac is growing  desperate to rescue everyone at Wyndemere, to do whatever it takes to get to them. Sam finds Nikolas in the ballroom with Emily's body and tries to figure out what happened. Johnny tells Carly that his father was not the one to strangle her.

Jason finds Johnny and Carly and tells them how Anthony has jumped off the ledge.  That solidifies the theory that a second killer is on the loose. Elizabeth returns to the ballroom looking for Lucky and Sam tells her that he went off to find Zacchara. Tracy, Robin, and Luke hear a helicopter and see that it's the police. 

Kate tells Sonny that she loves him, too. Jason comes to shoot Anthony to make sure he's dead but Johnny steps in front of the gun. As Jason holds the gun aimed at Johnny, the police surround them. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Georgie (Lindze Letherman) reunite with their dad. They tell him that Emily is dead.

Luke promises Tracy he'll be okay as Sonny promises Kate the same thing.  Logan tries to tell Carly and Lulu that he thinks Johnny is the killer.

Trevor offers John a position in the organization, saying they could rule the world, which Lulu overhears. Luke is being taken to the hospital and asks for Lucky. Emily (Natalia Livingston) has been left alone with Elizabeth by Nikolas, who  stands outside on a balcony, wedding rings in hand, debating tossing them over the ledge.

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