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Luke wakes up to find Tracy resting nearby. When he tells her to climb in bed with him, she reminds him that his entire body needs rest - not just his heart. Alred tries to get Nikolas to eat as he mourns Emily.

Carly (Laura Wright) can't bring herself to tell Mike about what happened at Wyndemere. She decides to focus on the first Jax Thanksgiving instead with her boys. Robin is surprised when Patrick tells her that Mac invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. Dillon returns home as Monica blames herself.

Scott shows up at Logan's to spend Thanksgiving with his son. Mike arrives at Carly's but tells her that she's not allowed to help with the cooking.

Spinelli shows up for Georgie Quartermaine's family Thanksgiving dinner but he doesn't get that he's supposed to be her date. Bobbi visits Monica and gives her support. Lulu tries to leave Logan's to give him someĀ  time with his dad but he clearly wants her to stay.

Coop tells Maxie (Kristen Storms) that he misses her and decides to spend the holiday with her. Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaines, blaming himself to Monica for what happened to Emily (Natalia Livingston).

Luke is annoyed when he finds out from Dr. Julian that he'll have to go through a series of tests before being released. Skye shows up unannounced at Monica's, who invites her to stay for a meal.

Nikolas stands alone, full of nothing but thoughts of Emily...

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