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As General Hospital returns, the Quartermaines prepare to say their final farewell to Emily, Carly brings Michael and Morgan to the mansion to see Monica, Tracy (Jane Elliot) orders Luke to stay in bed.

Sonny encourages him to attend the funeral, but Jason feels his mother does not want him near the family that day. Meanwhile, on Spoon Island, Nikolas goes ballistic after discovering Alfred already boxed Emily's things.

Lulu tells her dad she moved in with the Quartermaines to spare Spinelli's feelings. Elizabeth asks Lucky if they can put their differences aside long enough to support Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) during this time.

Michael continues to thirst for revenge but Jax reminds his stepson that Emily (Natalia Livingston) would never want him to seek retribution. Sonny appeals to Monica to show Jason some compassion.

Monica lashes out at Sonny for destroying her entire family
. As the guests begin arriving at the chapel, Edward thanks Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas for being such an important part of Emily's life.

Jax cautions Alexis not to get too close to his brother. Tracy tells Monica how much she regrets the way she treated Emily. Carly urges Jason to go to his sister's memorial service so he can have some closure.

Luke tries to slip away but is overcome with chest pains...

General Hospital
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