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PART ONE: Jason and Elizabeth seek comfort in each other's arms following Emily's funeral. Astonished to discover that he can touch Emily, Nikolas pulls her into a hot kiss. Before making love to Jax, Carly (Laura Wright) checks her temperature clandestinely to determine if she's ovulating or not. Nikolas struggles to comprehend how his late fiancee could possibly be standing in front of him.

PART TWO: Kate reports to Sonny that an intruder is on her property, then is irked as he admits he sent Max next door to check the new security system he had installed on her house. Though Emily suggests that he only dreamed she died, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) wonders if he's lost his mind. Georgie brings Spinelli a bowl of homemade soup to help ease the symptoms of his cold.

PART THREE: Jason thanks Elizabeth for her words during the eulogy. Kate berates Sonny for invading her privacy after Max blurts out how long he and the other men have been acting as her bodyguards. Stunned as she realizes Alfred can't see her, Emily (Natalia Livingston) is forced to face facts - her life truly is over. Georgie bristles as Nadine arrives with soup for Spinelli.

Elizabeth and Jason declare their love to one another.

General Hospital
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