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Emily (Natalia Livingston) sees the paper and asks Nikolas if it is true that she's dead. Bobbi (Jacklyn Zeman) gives a speech to the staff at the hospital in Emily's memory.

Trevor tries to tempt Johnny into taking over his father's position in the Zacchara operation. Patrick and Robin get to work on the injured bride.

Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is confused - he fell asleep last night holding Emily. The next morning, she is still there, but in different clothes and hair.

Epiphany takes an attitude with a young hospital employee when he tries to be helpful. The bride's entire family shows up at the hospital, demanding answers from Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin.

Carly (Laura Wright) talks to Jason about potentially having children with Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and the stress of trying to get pregnant. Jax walks in on their conversation, wondering what his wife is talking about.

Lucky (Greg Vaughan) comes to the hospital to see his father but is upset and agitated. Lulu sits him down to let him talk it out. Jax feels Carly is working too hard to cover her tracks.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) arrives at Wyndemere to check in on Nikolas and make sure he isn't alone. As she tries to convince him that he needs to be around people, Emily holds onto him.

Alexis asks him to bring his son home and take care of him.  As Robin helps the bride's family through this difficult time, Dr. Julian notices Patrick watching her and tells him that he's still in love with her.

Trevor puts pressure on Johnny to take over his father's work and orders him around. Nikolas tells Alexis that he doesn't feel alone, as Emily smiles at him.

Lucky goes to Elizabeth to talk to her about Jake, but Jason is sitting inside the house. Patrick tells Robin that he loves her, wants her in his life, and kisses her.

Lulu goes to Johnny and can't understand why he says he's going to stay in his house. Trevor asks Sonny to agree to a true with the Zaccharas or he'll lose everything and everyone.

Detective Harper comes to Wyndemere to arrest Nikolas for Emily's murder.

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