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Anthony's ravings frighten Nadine, who shouts at him to back off. Elizabeth (Rebecca Hearst) fills Jason in on the deadly doings during the Black and White ball. Jax, Jerry and Sam team up to put several armed goons out of commission. Sonny taunts Trevor about failing in his mission to assassinate him.

Episode Guide, Part I

Logan warns Lulu that her new friend is responsible for all the blood being shed at Wyndemere. Spinelli leaps to Nadine's defense and helps her escape from Zacchara. Sonny (Maurice Benard) suggests to Trevor that he might well be Anthony's intended victim. Patrick warns Robin that Ric can't wait for surgery any longer. Nikolas begins to worry that he may have hurt his own brother during his last blackout.

Episode Guide, Part II

Jason helps Elizabeth take shelter in the stables, then is startled to learn about her fight with Sam. Carly makes her way to one of Spoon Island's deserted caves. A blood- soaked Coop (Jason Gerhardt) returns to the ballroom and claims that some unseen figure knocked him cold. Lulu tells Luke why she's certain Johnny's father is running amuck. After giving Elizabeth a gun, Jason kisses her goodbye. Sonny and Kate face Johnny. Ric (Rick Hearst) tells Alexis he wants their daughter to grow up to be just like her.


Emily entreats him not to leave the ballroom, but Nikolas insists on going in search of Lucky. Patrick tells Trevor his son needs a blood transfusion. Holding a gun to Johnny's head, Sonny calls out for Anthony to surrender. Carly finds herself in deep trouble once again.

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