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Trevor urges Sonny to agree to an immediate transfusion, Carly advises her ex not to lift a finger to help his repulsive brother survive, and Johnny warns Lulu against getting in his father's way while Anthony is still on a murderous rampage.

Episode Guide, Part I

Despite Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nadine's best efforts, the wounded mercenary dies after whispering Zacchara's name. Skye (Robin Christopher) sees Alexis' pain as Patrick, Emily, Robin and Leyla focus their attention on patching up Ric's wound. Spinelli and Elizabeth console Nadine when she bemoans her sister's misdeeds. Georgie furiously attacks Logan after he badmouths the missing Maxie.

Episode Guide, Part II

Anthony drags Maxie (Kirsten Storms) through the mansion. Robin (Kimberly McCullough) realizes Alexis is suffering from appendicitis. Kate persuades Sonny to give Ric the blood. Coop faces off with his former boss when he intervenes to wrench Carly free from Jerry. Later, Georgie wonders why Jerry called Coop "Three" in the heat of the quarrel. Jason instructs Spinelli to keep a protesting Lulu in the stables. Jax carries Alexis to the supply boat after Robin explains it's too dangerous to perform an appendectomy on the island. Spinelli is forced to knock Lulu cold to keep her from leaving.


Jason and Sam team up to rescue Carly from two of the gunmen. Maxie escapes from Zacchara and runs straight into Lucky's arms. Afterwards, Anthony gets the jump on Nikolas as Emily reaches for the gun...

General Hospital
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