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At the hospital, Elizabeth and Lucky argue about which attorney should handle their divorce. Across town, Diane snaps at Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for interfering with the Spencers' case.

General Hospital Episode Guide: October 1, 2007

Kate is devastated to learn she's been fired from "Couture." Posing as her young cousin, Carly continues to text back and forth with Johnny Zacchara. Logan again begs for Lulu's forgiveness but she snarls at him for lying and using her so cruelly.

Sonny orders Alexis to stop badgering his lawyer on his time. Nikolas reminds Alfred why Emily mustn't know about the blackouts he's been suffering. Carly explains to Jax how much she relates to Lulu's pattern of seeking out bad boys who ultimately break her heart.

Trevor drops in on Sonny to boast about ousting Kate and is amused to come under fire from an outraged Diane. Emily wonders why Robin Scorpio would run a blood panel on Nikolas. Meanwhile, Lucky is taken aback by his brother's sudden violent outburst.

Maxie complains to Georgie about the way Logan cost her Coop. Carly gives Lulu the benefit of her own long experience with the roller coaster ride of love. Logan warns Emily that her boyfriend has a serious screw loose.

Though Diane volunteers to sue Warren on her behalf, Kate decides to handle it another way. Sonny swallows his pride and asks Jax for help with Kate's dilemma. Spinelli continues to suffer from unrequited love.


Lulu thanks Maxie for exposing Logan's true nature. Emily appeals to Jax to pry some important information out of Jerry. Spinelli realizes that Carly has been corresponding with Johnny.

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