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General Hospital, Part 1 (10.17.07)

The drama between Patrick and Robin continues to build. Robin icily reminds Patrick why her baby quest is none of his business. Alice is delighted to find Luke again in residence at the Quartermaine mansion.

Relieved to learn that Alexis has moved herself and the girls back to the lake house, Jax tells his old friend how her volatile nephew stabbed his brother. Though Carly blasts him for tattling, Max reports to Sonny how close his ex came to being cut by Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

Later, Milo wonders about the new tension between his flustered brother and an equally rattled Diane. Logan warns Luke and Tracy they'll never be able to keep him and Lulu apart.

General Hospital, Part 2 (10.17.07)

Meanwhile, Johnny explains to Lulu why they had to rapidly put some distance between themselves and his father's goons. Emily (Natalia Livingston) helps an excited Elizabeth settle into her home. Carly admits to Sonny how she and Jax are trying to negotiate a rough patch in their marriage. Alexis and Diane continue to play in the Spencers' divorce case.

Leyla tells a startled Patrick she doesn't think they should see each other anymore. Lucky rejects Ric's attempt to enlist him as an ally in the district attorney's war against Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny. Tracy hesitantly reveals to Luke how his daughter met Johnny Zacchara.

As Robin chats up another prospective father for her future offspring, Patrick tips Carly off about his former flame's intentions. Alexis persuades Lucky to file for emergency guardianship of baby Jake.

General Hospital
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