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GENERAL HOSPITAL / 10.18.07 (PART 1): Diane cautions Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to prepare for an ugly custody battle. As Patrick looks on, a fuming Carly informs Robin that Jax is not available as a sperm donor. Sonny fills Luke in on the danger Anthony Zacchara poses to anyone who gets in his way. Lulu convinces Johnny not to kill the cabin owner after he catches the pair trespassing. Kate asks Jason to intervene before Sonny sets up a meeting with Trevor's client. Jax gently turns Robin down. Skye (Robin Christopher) suggests to a wary Ric that they arrange a play date for Molly and Lila Rae.

GENERAL HOSPITAL / 10.18.07 (PART 2): On Spoon Island, Alfred tries to persuade his employer to postpone the Black and White Ball but Nikolas refuses to alter his plans. Elizabeth is appalled to learn that her estranged husband has filed for emergency guardianship of baby Jake. Kate gives Jason a possible lead on Anthony's secret lair. Ric (Rick Hearst) begins to drop his guard around Skye as he confides how badly he wants to give his young daughter a happier childhood than he experienced. Robin and Patrick bicker again about her quest to have a baby. Jason tracks Johnny to the cabin as Lulu runs into trouble ...

General Hospital
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