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PART ONE (10/19): Kate begs Sonny (Maurice Benard) not to risk a face-to-face meeting with the ruthless Anthony Zacchara. Jax tells a startled Carly he hopes they'll soon have a child of their own. Patrick continues to snipe at Robin for the all too casual way she's going about trying to find a father for this baby she's so desperate to carry. Johnny admits to Jason that Lulu may have fallen into the clutches of his father's thugs.

PART TWO (10/19): Diane triumphantly informs Lucky (Greg Vaughan) that not only was his petition for guardianship denied but his visitations with Jake and Cameron have been suspended as well. Unable to dissuade Sonny from his intended path, Kate reluctantly gives him a description of Anthony's private hideaway. Though Carly wonders if her husband's sudden desire for offspring was prompted by Robin's bizarre request, Jax confides how he'd actually been hoping to broach the subject of a baby for a long time.

PART THREE (10/19): Sonny decides to go have a chat with Zacchara but instructs a concerned Jason to steer clear. Reminding Jax how difficult it is for her to get pregnant, Carly (Laura Wright) convinces him they should wait a bit before trying to conceive. Patrick encourages an irked Robin to consider adopting. Logan conducts a frantic search for Lulu. Still going down the list of potential candidates for sperm donor, Robin approaches Lucky next. Meanwhile, Patrick tips Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) off to his ex-girlfriend's scheme. Johnny secures Lulu's freedom from his father's mansion.

General Hospital
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