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  • Sonny (Maurice Benard) finally comes face to face with Anthony Zacchara and is startled to realize the man has gone barking mad. At the hospital, Elizabeth tells an agitated Patrick she doesn't care if her estranged husband becomes a sperm donor for an old friend.
  • Meanwhile, Lucky gently explains to Robin why he could never father a baby without then being actively involved in that child's life. Logan apologizes to Carly for manhandling her but she declares that this latest stunt just proves he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Lulu.
  • Anthony lashes out at Sonny, threatening to kill everyone he loves while he's forced to watch them die in agony. Johnny deliberately drives Lulu away with his newly cold demeanor. Patrick again gets nowhere trying to convince Elizabeth that Robin is on the wrong track.
  • Kate lends Jax (Ingo Rademacher) a sympathetic ear when he confides his concern that he might never have a child of his own. Rattled by Anthony's bizarre behavior, Sonny tells Jason he's certain Trevor is actually running the Zacchara organization from behind the scenes.
  • Logan explains to Lulu why he doesn't think they should see each other anymore. Jason warns Carly that Anthony is even more of a threat to her family than they first believed. Sonny lets Trevor know he's on to him. Anthony overhears his son talking to their bodyguards about Lulu.
General Hospital
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