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Lucky and Elizabeth reluctantly prepare to go into mediation before a judge. A shaken Robin tells Kelly she's been experiencing flashes of her own death. Alexis fills Sam in on recent developments. Nikolas encourages his brother to lend Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt.

Episode Recap: General Hospital (10/24/07)

Meanwhile, Emily urges her best friend to remember all the good times she shared with Lucky (Greg Vaughan) over the years. Lulu informs an alarmed Spinelli that she's decided to give Logan another chance.

Carly (Laura Wright) warns that Anthony's whole organization is a threat to their family, Jax assures his wife he's already safely muzzled Trevor. Sam takes offense when Alexis suggests that her relationship with Lucky is complicating his divorce case.

Kelly explains to Robin (Kimberly McCullough) how common it is for women struggling with fertility issues to be thinking about their own mortality. Epiphany reacts strangely to a new orderly with a serene singing voice.

At the mediation session, Diane and Alexis argue their respective clients' cases and the custody fight intensifies. Luke cautions his daughter about the danger the Zacchara family presents.

Jason's jaw drops when Robin asks Spinelli to donate the necessary genetic material for a baby of her own.

Carly and Sam exchange a barrage of insults. Cassius continues to befuddle Epiphany.


Elizabeth and Lucky overrule their bickering attorneys to come to a generous agreement of their own. Alan advises his sister to steer clear of the coming mob war which Luke seems destined to join. Spinelli happily agrees to do Robin a huge favor.

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