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GENERAL HOSPITAL PART I: Trevor orders one of his goons to eliminate Sonny but not in the vicinity of Port Charles. Across town, Sonny warns a skeptical Ric that his father is running the Zacchara mob in Anthony's name. Jolene begins her first official shift at the hospital.

  • Robin Scorpio explains to an amused Kelly why she believes Spinelli could pass on some wonderful qualities to a child. Meanwhile, Patrick is outraged to learn the identity of Robin's sperm donor.

Luke introduces himself to Trevor, then suggests they do business together. Admitting how much he misses Jake, Jason cautions Spinelli that he won't be able to keep his distance once his own child is born.

GENERAL HOSPITAL PART II: Ric (Rick Hearst) scoffs at Sonny's claims about Trevor. Sam and Elizabeth hiss at one another until Nikolas intercedes to call his cousin off. Anthony accuses an exasperated Johnny of betraying him the same way his mother did. As Spinelli nervously reports to the hospital for his "assignment," Patrick urges Robin to reconsider her plans. Lulu returns to the Zacchara mansion to confront Johnny. Unable to perform on demand, Spinelli begs Jason to step in for him. Trevor pulls a few strings to lure Sonny down to Puerto Rico. Carly receives an anonymous text message about the Black and White Ball.

On Spoon Island, Nikolas becomes violent with a startled Sam

General Hospital
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