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PART ONE (General Hospital, 10/29): Unable to secure a date for the ball, Spinelli begs Jason to go so that he can tag along. Nikolas accidentally walks in on a hot and heavy moment between his brother and Sam. Georgie (Lindze Letherman) introduces herself to Nadine after the new nurse drops into Kelly's for a snack. Luke and Scott snarl at one another as they reopen old wounds. Ric warns Logan to dig up enough dirt to bury Sonny or else face a long prison sentence of his own.

PART TWO (General Hospital, 10/29): Carly explains to an exasperated Jax her intention to have Jason escort her to the ball at Windemere. Trevor orders his goons to bring him proof that Sonny has in fact perished. Johnny fears his father has targeted Lulu as his next victim. Jason gets wind of the bombing in Puerto Rico but clams up when a worried Kate wonders why she hasn't heard from Sonny. Lucky asks Sam to be his date for the ball.

PART THREE (General Hospital, 10/29): Nikolas rages at a startled Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) until Emily  (Natalia Livingston) hastens to intervene. Nadine works hard to prove to Epiphany and the others at the hospital that she is nothing like her sister. Luke practices a little breaking and entering. Spinelli invites Nadine to the ball and is stunned when she accepts. Meanwhile, Georgie hides her crushing disappointment upon learning that Spinelli already has a date. Ric catches Luke snooping through his desk.

General Hospital
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