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Desperate to protect Lulu, Johnny pulls a gun on Trevor and orders him to get out of the way. Anthony spies on Lulu as she chats with Logan at Kelly's. Jason (Steve Burton) smells a rat when Carly coaxes him to escort her to the masquerade party at Windemere.

Part I

Over on Spoon Island, Emily (Natalia Livingston) assures Nikolas their life together will sail smoothly again once his medical problem is solved for good. Spinelli continues to be blissfully oblivious to Georgie's pain as he looks forward to attending the Black and White ball with Nadine. Luke offers Ric a chance to bring Scott down once and for all. Elizabeth tells Lulu she finally understands why things have been strained between them for months. Jason presses Carly (Laura Wright) to admit she's hatching another one of her harebrained schemes.

Part II

Layla balks at accepting Patrick's invitation to the ball but in the end agrees to go. Ric tells Skye how his father has been secretly running the Zacchara mob ever since Anthony lost his mind. As they clear the air, Elizabeth explains to Lulu why she's kept mum about Jake's true paternity for so long. Anthony calmly guns down two of his own men when they try to take him back home. Jax decides to accompany his wife to the ball to ensure her safety. Skye and Ric secretly forge a partnership. Logan promises Luke he'll never hurt his daughter again.


After making love with Jax (Ingo Rademacher), Carly receives another anonymous text message. Logan gives Lulu her first waltz lesson in preparation for their big night. Johnny knocks Trevor cold and makes his escape.

General Hospital
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