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Nadine takes guff from Epiphany and Spinelli when she comes to the hospital to visit her sister. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Diane up the ante in the Spencers' increasingly bitter split. Layla icily informs Robin she won't apologize for her growing friendship with Patrick.

Episode Guide, 10-8-07

Leo temporarily puts the brakes on Kelly's passion by reminding her that she's supposed to be recovering from a sexual addiction. Nikolas berates both Spinelli and Epiphany for treating Nadine so rudely. Diane assures Elizabeth she should have no problem retaining sole custody of her boys.

Meanwhile, Alexis advises Lucky to file for primary custody of baby Jake.

Sonny snarls at Trevor after finding him sipping cocktails in Carly's living room. Kate (Megan Ward) walks in on Kelly and Leo pawing one another in an exam room. Later, Andy urges an irked Kelly to get to a meeting before she begins backsliding. Nikolas admits to a worried Emily that he's been losing more time.

Epiphany points out to Kate how little of "Couture" is actually relevant to most people's lives. Later, Kate pitches her idea for a new magazine aimed at working women and is pleased when Jax agrees to consider backing the plan.

Sonny implores Carly to stay out of his battles with Anthony Zacchara.


Spinelli explains to Nadine how much misery and mayhem Jolene caused at the hospital. Jerry is brought into the ER with a stab wound. Outside in the alley, Nikolas is confused to find himself holding a bloody knife.

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