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PART I: Things heat up again for Sonny and Kate.

Jax's rental car explodes just as he prepares to climb in. Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) is horrified to find her nanny lying dead on the floor of her living room. Sonny admits to a pleased Kate how much he looks forward to seeing her every time they're apart.

Trevor introduces himself to Skye upon encountering her in Ric's office.

PART II: After Letitia's body is removed by the paramedics, Carly shakily fields Mac's questions as Jason looks on. Emily (Natalia Livingston) confides to Elizabeth and Lucky how concerned she is about Nikolas growing more secretive. Ric icily puts his sneering father on notice.

Jerry corners Sam in her apartment, then suggests that she seduce Trevor in order to gain inside information on Zacchara and exact her revenge on Jason.

PART III: Appalled to learn of Letitia's murder, Sonny promises a sobbing Carly he will never let her or their sons come to any harm. Later, a guilt-stricken Sonny blames himself for failing to recognize that the boys' beloved nanny could become a target. Jax tells Jerry how close he came to being blown sky high.

Devastated by Letitia's death, Michael implores his father to kill whoever was responsible for the crime.

Jerry is taken in for questioning by the district attorney. Sonny decides to send Morgan, Michael and Carly to the island with Jason for safekeeping.

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