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Part I

Wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, Sam (Kelly Monaco) rises from the hot tub to greet Lucky when he arrives to check on her safety. A snarling Jax faces off with Sonny after learning how Carly's ex spirited her and the boys out of the country. At the Metro Court, Kate asks Trevor point blank if he helped facilitate the murder of an innocent woman.

Part II

Meanwhile, Jerry suggests to Ric that the district attorney had more motive to kill Letitia than anyone else in Port Charles. Emily wonders if Nikolas' preoccupation and secretive behavior means he's still working on a scheme to bring Jerry down. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) attempts to mend fences with Coop but he coldly rebuffs her efforts to earn his forgiveness. Lulu returns from her cruise and enjoys a warm welcome from Logan as a gloomy Spinelli looks on.

Part III

Sonny (Maurice Benard) warns Jax he'll only make matters worse by trying to deal with Zacchara himself. Later, Jax orders Trevor to leave his family alone.

  • Spinelli continues to be clueless about Georgie's growing fondness for him.
  • Sonny explains to Mike why he can't risk involving anyone else in his battle against Zacchara.
  • Jerry vows to do whatever it takes to protect his brother and the people Jax loves.

Sonny confides to Kate how Michael's thirst for revenge made him realize just how much his own lifestyle has affected his sons. Lucky can't conceal his disappointment when Elizabeth pulls away from his kiss.

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