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Lucky bitterly accuses Elizabeth of driving him into another woman's arms because she wants their marriage to fail. Meanwhile, Nikolas asks an irked Sam to stop trying to sink her claws into his brother.

Episode Recap, Part 1

At the hospital, Patrick (Jason Thompson) cautions Robin not to drag their personal life into the workplace. Kate reminds both Trevor and Sonny why she won't get caught in the middle of their longstanding dispute. Jerry urges Jason to let Trevor live so they can have some leverage against Zacchara. Edward, Scott and Tracy again prod Lulu to separate herself from the loathsome Logan but their pleas fall on deaf ears once more.

Episode Recap, Part 2

As a gleeful Trevor looks on, Kate informs Sonny that he's a distraction she can no longer afford.

Robin confides to Epiphany how she's doubting herself and her capabilities in the wake of her break-up with Patrick. After refusing to hold up his end of their bargain, Trevor advises Kate to return to Manhattan.

Episode Recap, Part 3

Lucky angrily orders Nikolas to stop meddling in his life!

Overruling Jason's objections, Sonny orders him to rub Trevor out. As she moves into Logan's cramped flat, Lulu admits she's a bit nervous about making the change. Robin wanders over to the coffee house, where she unburdens herself to a sympathetic Jason.


Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and Sam share another kiss. Later, Sam easily coaxes Lucky into the hot tub for a night of passion. Jerry brings news of Kate to Sonny.

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