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PART I: Edward obtains a court order to force Lulu back under the Quartermaines' roof.

Meanwhile, a frantic Spinelli explains to Milo how Logan's misdeeds drove Lulu out into the night.

At the Metro Court, Jax complains to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) about Sonny's lifestyle endangering everyone in his orbit. Logan glumly informs Maxie that Lulu has gone missing. Lucky is irked when Jason arrives at the Spencers' with bad news.

Outraged by Spinelli's story, Milo storms over to Logan's apartment and begins pummeling him.

PART II: Alexis reminds Jax why she's remained in Port Charles despite the danger posed by her connection to Sonny. Tracy panics to learn that her stepdaughter has vanished. Lucky decides to use his police connections to track down his kid sister. Logan is surprised when Scott offers him a sympathetic ear.

As Lucky bends departmental rules to issue an APB, Nikolas suggests to his bristling brother that he's actually competing with Jason in the search for Lulu. At Kelly's, Georgie berates Maxie for pulling another humiliating stunt.

Spinelli and Jason are appalled to find videotape evidence that Lulu climbed into a car registered to Johnny Zacchara.

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