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PART I: Jax arrives on the island and is happily reunited with Carly (Laura Wright).

Coop roughly orders Logan never again to lay a hand on Maxie. As Jason forces Johnny to lower his weapon, Lulu insists that her new acquaintance did nothing wrong. Jax tells Carly why Kate believes she's being framed by Anthony Zacchara's lawyer.

PART II: Back in Port Charles, Sonny warns his brother not to fall for Trevor's tricks. After Zacchara's goons come to collect Johnny, Lulu is surprised to learn the identity of the man who gave her a ride. A shaken Ric belatedly realizes what a fool he's been to trust his father's version of Adelle's story for so many years.

Carly, Jax and the boys are secretly observed as they frolic on the beach.

PART III: Turning his fury from one relative to another, Ric bitterly vows to pay Sonny back for all the pain he's caused him. On Spoon Island, Alexis is caught off guard by her nephew's angry outburst. Pushing his way into Jason's penthouse, Logan begs Lulu to forgive him. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) attempts to end Nikolas' tirade by leaving the room but is shocked when he throws his glass at her.

PART IV: Lulu thanks Spinelli for leading the rescue mission to find her.

Jason and Elizabeth meet in the old barn where Johnny and Lulu spent the night. After Elizabeth reveals her husband has begun an affair with Sam, Jason cautions that his former flame knows the truth about Jake.

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