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Tuesday, on General Hospital, Lucky and Elizabeth face a painful truth and regretfully agree the time has come to bring their marriage to an end.

On Spoon Island, Emily (Natalia Livingston) presses Nikolas to reveal why he's been losing control of his temper left and right. During the flight back to Port Charles, Jax promises Carly he'll make their house safe again for her and the boys.

Lulu receives Johnny's text and sends him a message in return. Meanwhile, Spinelli fills Jason in on the hunt for the person who sent Sonny a warning.

Logan entreats Lulu to give him a chance to explain himself.

Claiming he's simply been preoccupied with worry about his kid sister, Nikolas assures Emily he has a handle on his emotions.

Jason warns Carly that she and her sons won't be safe unless they move back onto the Corinthos compound. Elizabeth asks Diane to represent her in the upcoming divorce.

Coop and Logan face off again on the subject of Maxie.

Later, Logan attempts to make Lulu understand how much he truly cares about her. Nikolas reaches out to his unhappy brother after Lucky discloses that he and Elizabeth are through.

Skye offers to cut Ric in for a share of Lorenzo's fortune if he helps her solidify her daughter's substantial inheritance. Elizabeth tells Emily she's determined to make it on her own as a single mom.

Although Jason (Steve Burton) counsels caution, Spinelli feels confident that Lulu will never trust Logan again. Jax gives Trevor a warning to deliver to Anthony Zacchara.

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