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Part 1
Elizabeth prepares to move herself and her sons over to Audrey's place. Jax assures Carly he's neutralized any threat from Zacchara. Diane instructs Sonny to keep his distance from Kate's hearing before he makes matters even worse for his favorite fashion editor. Jason (Steve Burton) sternly reminds Spinelli why disclosing certain information to Lulu could compromise her safety.

Part 2
Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and Elizabeth carefully explain to Cameron why they won't be living together anymore. Nikolas sucker punches Jerry, then begins kicking him until Alexis and Alfred intervene. Sonny again advises Ric not to let his father use him to prosecute an innocent woman.

Part 3
Meanwhile, Carly tells Jax why she wants Trevor evicted from his room at the Metro Court. Spinelli is alarmed to discover that Lulu and Johnny have been texting back and forth. As Kate's hearing begins, Ric recommends the maximum jail sentence for the defendant's third offense.

Lulu wheedles Spinelli into keeping mum about her budding friendship with Johnny.

Part 4

  • Jerry warns his brother not to make the mistake of believing he's defanged Zacchara.
  • Carly confronts Sonny after he has Michael and Morgan taken to his compound for safekeeping.
  • ┬áLulu admits to Jason how she's been corresponding with Johnny.
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