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Part One

On Spoon Island, Nikolas tells Emily of his plans to move his offices over to the Metro Court. Logan reminds Maxie to keep her big mouth shut about them sleeping together. Meanwhile, Spinelli is greatly relieved to learn that Jason didn't eliminate Logan after all.

Part Two

Kate overhears Trevor warning Sonny to call off his goons or else. Carly urges her sons to stick close to their bodyguards while Letitia takes them shopping for school supplies.

Spinelli relates for his mentor the disturbing information he's unearthed on Anthony Zacchara.

Trevor orders Kate to choose between him and Sonny. Jerry needles Nikolas during a chance encounter in the Metro Court's lobby.

Part Three

Maxie glumly confides to her kid sister how she lost Coop after having sex with his best friend. Jerry asks Trevor to set up a meeting for him with Zacchara. Tipped off by Letitia, Jason brings Michael and Morgan home to their mom after Logan fails to show up for guard duty. Later, Jason makes it crystal clear to Carly why Zacchara poses such a danger to everyone in Sonny's orbit.

Part Four

Georgie keeps mum about Maxie hitting the sheets with Logan but cautions Spinelli not to let his guard down around the crabby commando. Nikolas discovers that his new lease was abruptly cancelled by someone in his own camp. Trevor hisses at Kate when she attempts to mend fences with her old friend. Alfred admits to his astonished employer that he withdrew the lease at the hotel.

George urges Spinelli not to follow the same path Jason has chosen.

Max and Milo bring Logan to answer to a seething Sonny. Across town, Ric is appalled to find Trevor cuddling little Molly.

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