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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on General Hospital ...

Jax grows increasingly worried about Carly, who refuses to accept Michael's condition may not improve. Jax urges Carly to go home and explain to Morgan what's happened to his big brother.

Claudia seeks guarantees from Jason that her family won't be targeted. Jason tells Spinelli he'll never allow himself to have a family - after what happened to Michael, he knows how vulnerable his loved ones are.

Jerry warns Claudia that Ian will turn on both of them if he's ever tied to the shooting. Jason and Spinelli might have uncovered a clue that could lead them to Ian as Michael's shooter.

As the re-opening of the Haunted Star gets underway, Luke worries about Lulu's involvement with Johnny while Tracy worries about Luke's health. Lulu encounters Johnny just as Logan approaches.

Ric and Leyla chat it up at the Haunted Star reopening.

Nadine lets Nikolas know she's going to be at the casino, hoping he'll show up - as a sign of interest in her.

Jerry flirts with Alexis at the gaming tables.

Lucky asks Elizabeth to go to the Haunted Star with him in case Luke needs medical attention. Lucky assures Sam he wants to be with her after she sees him with Elizabeth.

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