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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Sam tells Jason how uncomfortable she was with Ian's behavior during her stay in the hospital. Meanwhile, Spinelli listens from his hiding place in Ian's closet as Maxie attempts to wriggle out of trouble.

Claudia informs Sonny she wants nothing more to do with him but he suggests that being seen together in public would benefit them both. Anthony advises a bristling Johnny to accept the fact that he's about to become a free man. Angered by Patrick and Robin's diagnosis, Carly asks her husband to fly in two new specialists for Michael.

Later on General Hospital, Robin cautions Jax that any doctor he brings in will give him the same answer.

Tipped off by Spinelli's phone call, Jason heads to Ian's room just in time to rescue a rattled Maxie. Ric introduces Anthony to his new bodyguard. Sonny issues an ominous warning to Claudia.

Patrick encourages Jax to consider transferring Michael to Shadybrook for the specialized care he'll need. Diane turns to Alexis for help convincing Sonny not to meddle in her relationship with Max.

Musing on Michael's tragic predicament, Robin begins to wonder if she's bitten off more than she can chew by choosing to bring a child into such a dangerous world.

Sam decides to cozy up to Ian in hopes of learning his dirty little secrets.

Refusing to accept that Michael requires permanent care in a long term facility, Carly shrilly insists that she's going to take her son home with her once he's released from the hospital. Ian explains to Johnny and Claudia why he has no intention of leaving Port Charles just now.

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