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General Hospital
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Logan begins his duties as Anthony's new bodyguard.

Still deep in denial about Michael's prognosis, Carly looks forward to the arrival of the two specialists. On Spoon Island, Nadine enjoys another horseback ride with Nikolas.

Robin grouses to Patrick about being physically exhausted and in a fog mentally due to her pregnancy. Ian wonders aloud about Sam's sudden interest in him. Jason urges a tearful Carly to prepare herself for the fact that her son might never be the same.

Hoping to pull the wool over her father's eyes, Claudia claims she and Johnny hired Ric to fight on his behalf. Patrick assures a frazzled Robin that her absentmindness is actually quite endearing. Ian explains to Sam why he chooses to live in such a run-down dump.

Nikolas tries to make it clear to Nadine how deeply connected he still is to Emily and why he can't live without her. Sam tries to laugh off Ian's accusation that she's been spying on him for Jason. A melancholy Elizabeth asks Robin for advice on how to stop loving Jason.

Ian informs Nikolas he's found another illegal drug which will allow him to keep seeing Emily indefinitely. Claudia's car spins off the road after her brakes fail. Irked to learn that the hit on his daughter was foiled by Jason, Anthony orders his goons to kill both Claudia and her rescuer.

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