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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on General Hospital ...

Jason and Claudia flee to a nearby abandoned cabin with Anthony's henchmen in hot pursuit. A dazed Anna asks Robin not to use the word "grandma" in front of her just yet.

Apologizing for her initial reaction to the news about the pregnancy, Anna assures her daughter she's genuinely thrilled for her. Johnny gets nowhere trying to convince Lulu that his demented father will come after her if she continues to hang around him.

Spinelli apologizes profusely for his forward behavior, then is disheartened to realize that Maxie didn't even know he was making a pass. Sonny asks his brother to do him a personal favor by keeping Anthony behind bars but Ric refuses to change his plotted course.

Robin explains to her mom how she was inspired by an HIV positive patient who was brave enough to bring a baby into the world. Ian informs Patrick he's leaving Port Charles and advises his friend to finally embrace the idea of impending fatherhood.

Anthony reminds Ric to remember with whom he's dealing.

Kate and Sonny argue again about his priorities in life. Ric tells Elizabeth he broke up with Marianna after learning she was working for his father.

Meanwhile, Anthony offers to keep Trevor on as co-counsel if he agrees to get on board with Ric's program. Johnny orders Sonny at gunpoint to reveal what he's done with the missing Claudia. Robin overhears Patrick confiding to Coleman how he thinks Anna is the hottest woman ever.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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