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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on General Hospital, Carly and Jason spend the night sitting vigil beside Michael's hospital bed. Nikolas apologizes to Nadine for his earlier remarks and thanks her.

Luke warns Claudia that the people responsible for Michael's injury will pay dearly once Sonny tracks them down. Ric tells a grateful Alexis he will understand and support her decision if she wants to take her girls far from Port Charles. Patrick sidesteps Carly's questions about when her son will awaken.

Alan returns to haunt Tracy once again.

Although Lulu backs up Claudia's claim that she and her brother had nothing to do with the incident at the coffee warehouses, Luke continues to suspect the Zaccharas were behind the shooting. Sam offers Jason her sincere sympathy.

Jerry gently reminds Alexis that she can never escape Sonny's enemies no matter how far she runs with her daughters in tow. Kate admits to Ric how ashamed she is for yelling at Carly.

Elizabeth overhears Patrick repeating to Robin his assertion that Michael will never wake up.

Meanwhile, Bobbie consoles a weeping Carly but privately fears her grandson is a goner. Tracy offers to buy Claudia's interest in the Haunted Star.

Certain Michael will open his eyes at any moment, Carly keeps up a steady stream of chatter and persuades a tearful Jason to also talk to the unconscious boy.

Nadine enjoys an afternoon on Spoon Island with Spencer and Nikolas. Kate reads Lulu the riot act.

Patrick finally delivers his bad news to Carly.

Until tomorrow on General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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