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General Hospital
August 1, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Spinelli reluctantly delivers more bad news to Jason ...

Meanwhile, Sonny struggles to keep his fiancee in the dark about the true nature of his dealings with Karpov after Kate returns to the compound ahead of schedule.

Though Johnny assures her he has Lourdes under control, Lulu reminds him that the girl must want some kind of revenge for the Zaccharas killing her dad.

Jason presses Diane to admit how long she's known that Sonny was conducting business with Karpov.

Unaware that Lucky and Sam are listening in, Elizabeth expresses to Nikolas her concern about his brother breaking up with a woman who was so good for him.

Karpov assures Jerry that Jason has been "handled."

Nadine berates Nikolas for meddling in her life, then vows to find a way to obtain the evidence she needs to prove Matt's guilt.

Pressed by Lourdes for details about the mob, Johnny admits how much he regrets all the pain his family has caused.

Sonny reminds Max why Kate must never know about his new associate. Later, Sonny asks a pleased Mike to stand up for him as his best man.

Jason bumps into Elizabeth in the park with her boys but hastily takes his leave. Spinelli confides to Maxie how Sonny has aligned himself with a Russian gangster.

Elizabeth surprises Lucky with a picnic lunch so he can spend some quality time with Jake and Cameron. Jerry catches Sam snooping through one of Karpov's warehouses.

Fearful that he may have inadvertently endangered Maxie, Spinelli decides he must cut his friend out of his life for her own good.

Nikolas again throws a spanner into the works when he overhears Nadine's latest plan. Lulu is haunted by bloody visions of Logan.

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