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General Hospital
August 11, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Lulu becomes hysterical during another "visit" from Logan. Pulling back from Nadine's kiss, Nikolas tries to let the nurse down gently by insisting he cares for her as a friend.

Karpov warns Sonny to honor the terms of their business arrangement
. Jason, Claudia and Carly all dive for cover when shots suddenly ring out at the warehouse.

A weeping Lulu tells Johnny her hallucinations have become so bad she believes she's actually losing her mind. Maxie comes to Spinelli's rescue yet again.

Sonny orders a bristling Karpov to leave Port Charles while he still can. Elizabeth points out to Nikolas how Nadine has had a crush on him for a long time.

Jason lays down some covering gunfire to allow Carly and Claudia to make a run for it. Nadine spots Emily and Nikolas exchanging a friendly kiss. Spinelli thanks Maxie for saving him but bemoans the fact that he never seems to be able to return the favor.

After the sniper vanishes, Carly accuses Claudia of setting a trap. Sonny promises Kate he has no problems with the lavish wedding she's planning.

Worried about Lulu, Johnny calls his sister and asks her to learn from Nikolas everything she can about Laura's breakdown.

Disappointed to learn that nobody succumbed at the warehouse earlier in the day, Karpov informs Jerry that Jason must be eliminated. Johnny reassures Lulu that he will always love her.

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General Hospital
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