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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 12, 2008

Today on General Hospital

Robin and Patrick eagerly anticipate learning the gender of their unborn child. Nikolas bumps into Claudia in the park and tells her more about his mother's descent into catatonia.

Alexis asks Maxie what she knows about the two fugitives from justice. Determined to prove himself in the field, Spinelli nags Jason into taking him along on a stakeout of Karpov's warehouse.

Trevor reminds an irked Anthony that Johnny is on the run from his father as well as the cops. Patrick tells Robin he has a strong feeling that they're having a boy.

Anthony instructs Claudia to convince her brother to come home. When Claudia claims she hasn't heard from Johnny, Trevor blasts her for selfishly putting her own interests above the rest of the family.

After Patrick is called into emergency surgery, a nervous Robin asks Maxie to keep her company during her doctor's appointment.

Worried about his sister suffering a breakdown, Nikolas searches for a way to bring Lulu back to Port Charles without forcing her to face criminal charges.

Jason balks at giving Spinelli a gun as they arrive at their stakeout. Patrick hurries back to Robin's side just in time for the ultrasound. Alexis is shaken by Trevor's ominous warning.

Nikolas explains to Claudia how he's just set in motion a scheme to get Lulu and Johnny out of the country. Patrick and a delighted Robin learn that they're expecting a daughter.

Alexis trembles to find Anthony talking with Kristina near the playground.

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