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General Hospital
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Today on General Hospital

Johnny returns to the apartment - only to find Lulu in the midst of another full blown hallucination as an astonished Lourdes looks on.

Thinking about the son he can never acknowledge, Jason suffers mixed emotions after feeling Robin's baby kick.

Later, Jason's agony intensifies when he spots Lucky playing with Jake. Spinelli begins to wonder if the mutual loathing exhibited by Matt and Maxie is actually masking an attraction between the two.

Jax reminds a fuming Carly that nothing has changed in their dysfunctional marriage. Alexis admits to Sonny how she turned to Jerry when Anthony first threatened Kristina.

Sam agrees to bring in a shipment for Karpov. Anthony orders his bristling daughter to move back into the family home. After calming Lulu down, Johnny has to deal with a suspicious Sal. Kate welcomes Jax back to town.

Sonny explains to Jason why he broke off his association with Karpov so abruptly. An argument soon ensues after Sonny accuses an angry Jason of being in over his head.

Johnny decides he must get Lulu some professional help before another day passes. Feeling guilty about deserting Carly, Jax returns to the house and apologizes.

Patrick tells Robin he doesn't want Jason to be any part of their daughter's life. Lulu panics when she realizes Johnny is taking her straight to Shady Brook.

Anthony warns Claudia he'll hold her personally responsible if anything bad befalls his son. Kate interrupts a tender moment between Jax and Carly. Lucky invites Sam to move in with him once their sting operation is over.

Elizabeth reminds Jason how much she loves him.

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