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General Hospital
August 19, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Patrick admits to an amused Robin that he's terrified at the thought of raising a daughter.

At the police station, Claudia warns Johnny that Scott is building a strong case for conviction in the murder of his son.

Meanwhile, Nikolas finds Lulu in hysterics after she has another frightening vision. Thinking about Michael's tragic fate, an emotional Jason tells Bernie how close he came to killing a child the night before.

Sam protests when Lucky suggests they abandon their risky scheme to bust Karpov. Lulu tearfully confesses to Nikolas how she's been seeing Logan ever since his violent death.

Bernie urges Jason to rub Karpov out before the Russian mobster has a chance to strike first. Monica, Edward and Alice come to Shady Brook to visit Lulu, who expresses her gratitude to the Quartermaines for putting up with her for so long.

Angered to see Matt hitting on Leyla at the hospital, Patrick threatens to report him for sexual harassment. Sam thanks Elizabeth for her assistance and input. Anthony issues another bold threat to the district attorney.

Robin sets her mom straight after Anna misreads Patrick's flare-up at Matt. Alexis asks Johnny to make a full confession in order to protect her innocent young daughters from Anthony's murderous intent.

Jason assigns Cody to shadow Karpov's every move. Anna is excited to learn that Robin is expecting a baby girl. Agitated following his visit with his sister, Nikolas pulls Nadine into a kiss. Sasha comes on to Jason.

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General Hospital
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