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General Hospital
August 20, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Sasha seductively proposes a "personal" alliance with Jason, who rejects her advances outright.

Alexis appeals to Johnny to do the right thing for everyone concerned.

At Shady Brook, Scott accuses Lulu of faking a breakdown just to wriggle out of trouble.

Sonny intervenes and orders Scott to back off before he's brought up on charges.

Robin confides to Anna how she knew all along she was carrying a girl. Trevor snipes at Alexis for trying to coerce his client into confessing.

Finally pulling back from their kiss, Nikolas reminds Nadine why they have no future together and insists that she leave Wyndemere.

Spinelli assumes the worst after walking in on Jason and his half-dressed visitor. Kate gives Maxie time off from work in order to visit Lulu.

Thinking about his own struggles with mental illness, Sonny encourages Luke's unhappy daughter to open up and let the doctors help her.

Mike and Anna tease Patrick about the karmic irony of a former ladies' man becoming the father of a precious little girl.

Upset about Jason apparently hooking up with Sasha, Spinelli turns to Maxie for assistance in saving his mentor from the clutches of Karpov's lawyer.

Claudia urges Nikolas and Lucky to keep their unstable sister off the witness stand by any means possible.

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