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General Hospital Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on General Hospital:

Lying that she s working for his attorney, Lulu calls the station house and gets through to Johnny. He promises her that he'll be out of jail in no time and reminds her how much he loves her.

Before he can say anything else, Scotty grabs the phone and boasts that he'll get no more personal phone calls. Scotty again vows to make him and Lulu pay for what they did.

After a chat with Lainey, Lulu approaches Lucky about taking her to see Johnny but, after the warning from Claudia, Lucky tells her that he won't help her get in to see him.

Frustrated, Lulu turns to Jason for help getting her to Johnny. Meanwhile, Claudia's concerned to find Johnny anxious to see Lulu and tries to get him to forget about seeing her.

Maxie is curious to learn about Spinelli's plans to go to Karpov's warehouse to keep an eye on the "Slavic Seductress" and accepts his request for help.

After much thought, Patrick surprises Robin by grabbing the microphone at the hospital and asking her to marry him as the rest of the staff listens with amusement.

Finding him unsure what to do about his growing attraction, Elizabeth urges a guilt-ridden Nikolas to spend time with Nadine and claims that Emily would want him to be happy.

Nikolas takes the advice and arranges a big surprise for Nadine when she arrives at Wyndemere. Sonny confesses to a concerned Kate that Karpov has ties to the mob.

Later, Sonny arrives at Karpov's office just as Karpov meets with Jerry.

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