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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As General Hospital gets underway, 3hile Anna, Mac and others look on, an emotional Patrick pops the question to Robin. Sonny warns Karpov to back off. Lulu cajoles Jason to sign her out of Shady Brook so she can go visit Johnny.

At the precinct house, Claudia warns her irate brother that seeing Lulu would be the worst thing he could do right now. During their long stakeout of Karpov's warehouse, Spinelli again reminds a bored Maxie why he must save Jason from Sasha's clutches.

Robin bursts into tears and hurries away, leaving a confused Patrick kneeling in the corridor in front of family and friends. Nadine and Nikolas enjoy their candlelit dinner at Wyndemere.

Claudia clashes with Lucky after he angrily confronts Johnny. Jason finally agrees to help Lulu get to the man she loves. Patrick finds Robin sitting alone in the park.

As Kate tries on the gown she'll wear for her wedding reception, Sonny arrives and gives his fiancee his seal of approval. Lulu is reunited with Johnny.

Patrick assures Robin he doesn't want to marry her just because she's carrying his child. Karpov continues to question Jerry's loyalty. A seething Lucky orders Jason to stay away from his sister from now on.

Robin declares her love to Patrick, then crushes him by turning down his marriage proposal. Nikolas coaxes a giggling Nadine to share a waltz with him. Spinelli and Maxie run into big trouble at the warehouse.

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General Hospital
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