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General Hospital
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Weds., July 28

Today on General Hospital ...

Maxie blasts Matt when Spinelli's post-op infection continues to spread. Diane urges Sonny not to invite his ex-wife to his wedding.

Kate is taken aback to discover that Carly spent the night with Jax in his room at the Metro Court. Patrick appeals to Anna for help persuading her daughter to accept his marriage proposal.

Ric obtains a court order preventing Scott from transferring Johnny out of the Port Charles jail. Diane explains to her client how Carly disclosed the fact that she had sex with Sonny in the back of his limo.

Insisting he will not cheat on Kate again, Sonny advises Diane to stay out of his personal life from now on. Jax coldly confronts Kate with the lie she told about his wife.

Robin reminds Patrick how making their relationship official could very well ruin everything they share together.

Mike seconds Diane's opinion when he suggests to Sonny that he's never been able to stay away from Carly before. Jax warns Kate he'll replace her at Crimson if she ever pulls such a dirty trick again.

Anna begs Mac to use his influence with Robin to change her mind. As Maxie maintains her vigil at Spinelli's bedside, Patrick berates Matt for performing a surgery outside his area of expertise.

Elizabeth, Lainey and Kelly join the chorus of folks cajoling Robin to say yes to her baby's daddy.

A beaming Carly thanks Jax for believing in her.

Across town, Kate sheepishly confesses to Sonny how she framed Carly and got caught in the act.

Until next time on General Hospital ...

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