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General Hospital
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August 28, 2008

On today's General Hospital ... Kate warns Sonny not to look at her wedding gown before their big day. Jax calmly fends off Karpov's veiled threats.

As Spinelli's condition continues to deteriorate, Maxie promises her ailing friend she'll get word to Jason somehow.

Lulu struggles to keep her fear in check when Logan again materializes at Shady Brook during a visit from the Quartermaines.

Sonny coaxes Kate to join him for a few days in Aruba but she suggests they travel to his private island instead.

Ric reminds Claudia he's going to hold her to her promise of sexual favors once he gets her brother acquitted. Lainey explains to an appalled Monica and Edward how Lulu has been seeing visions of the late Logan Hayes.

Kate finally convinces a reluctant Sonny to take her to the same place he's enjoyed with all his other women. Jax plays hardball with an angry Karpov. Maxie prods Benny and Diane to help her contact Jason.

Lulu tells her grateful mother how she found the proof that Laura didn't murder Rick Webber. A feverish Spinelli receives a visit from Sasha.

Robin uses the hospital's P.A. system to let everyone know she loves Patrick deeply despite the fact that she turned down his marriage proposal. Lulu tearfully confides to Laura that she killed Scott's long-lost son.

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