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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 29, 2008

On Friday's General Hospital ...

Jason hurries to the hospital after receiving Maxie's message. Karpov snarls at Carly for trying to play him. At Shady Brook, a weeping Lulu relates for Laura how she fatally stabbed Logan Hayes.

After making love on the island, Kate and Sonny reminisce about the old days in Bensonhurst and happily discuss how far they've come since their Brooklyn years.

Johnny reminds Claudia why she'll need to take out their father if he's convicted of killing Logan. Spinelli admits to Jason how he and Maxie were staking out Karpov's warehouse when a speeding car came straight at them.

Patrick and Matt continue to argue about Spinelli's surgery. Anthony lets his children know he's on to their murderous intent. Lulu tells her mom how she froze when she saw Logan attacking Maxie.

Jason promises Spinelli that Sasha won't be back. Declaring that she's a self-made woman, Kate refuses to allow her fiance to bankroll her fun at the casino.

A shaken Carly discloses to Jax how Karpov hit on her again and how ugly he became when she insisted she loves her husband. Spinelli urges Elizabeth to save Jason from the snare of Sasha's embrace.

Ric warns Anthony to back off before he jeopardizes his son's case. Patrick enlists Spinelli and Anna's help making a webcam appeal to Robin. Jason assures a relieved Elizabeth he's not involved with Sasha or any other woman for that matter.

As they return from the casino, an embarrassed Kate accuses Sonny of rigging the tables so she could win big. Laura gently encourages her unhappy daughter to forgive herself.

Jax informs Karpov that his visa has been revoked. Elizabeth makes her feelings clear to Jason.

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