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Elizabeth and Jason fall into each other's arms but he finally pulls back and reminds her why they must remain apart. Karpov snarls at Jax to watch his back from now on.

At Shady Brook, Lulu takes comfort in her mother's embrace until Logan materializes once again.

Claudia attempts to convince Ric that she was an eyewitness when her brother was forced to kill Logan in self-defense. On the island, Sonny assures his fiancee they can make a fresh start despite his long history with Carly.

Elizabeth appeals to Jason not to shut her out.

Holding her weeping daughter, Laura urges Lulu to believe she has the power to prevail over her traumatic memories.

Jerry eavesdrops as Matt explains to Maxie why he's dedicated himself to locating the creep who's been distributing counterfeit drugs.

Ric rejects Claudia's claims as outlandish. Carly fears that her husband has endangered his life by taking Karpov on. Meanwhile, Karpov orders Jerry to eliminate Matt before he gets any closer to their operation.

Elizabeth demands to know if Jason has stopped loving her.

Claudia realizes that it was actually Lulu who stabbed Logan.

Clarice overhears Diane and Max discussing Sonny and Carly's tryst in the back of the limo.

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