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General Hospital
August 5, 2008
Official Recap

From her hiding place, Nadine listens to Maxie and Matt arguing. Johnny panics when Lulu vanishes from the apartment. Jason explains to an outraged Carly how Sonny struck a deal with Karpov behind his back.

At the free clinic, Sam accuses Scott of authorizing the use of deadly force against the fugitives out of his own perverted need for revenge. Lulu goes to see her mother and confesses her fear that she's turning into Laura.

Maxie catches Nadine in Matt's bedroom and assumes the two are sleeping together. A tearful Lulu wonders if Laura ever had the same kind of terrifying visions she's been experiencing since Logan died.

Carly warns Jason that Sonny's betrayal means he must start treating his old friend as a threat. Scott just misses running into Lulu when he arrives at Shadybrook to visit Laura.

Later, Nikolas and Lucky order Scott never to darken Laura's door again. Matt demands answers from Nadine, who takes the bull by the horns and tells the doctor she wants in on his lucrative counterfeit drug scheme.

Declaring that Lulu is probably long gone, Lourdes eagerly offers to run away with Johnny. Jason asks a rattled Diane to set up a meeting for him with Karpov.

Lourdes can barely conceal her disgust when Lulu returns to Johnny. Maxie refuses to let Spinelli stay out of her life. Carly flounces into Crimson office with news for Kate.

Karpov hints to Jason that he has lethal plans for Sonny.

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